WinVICE : how to use the PoV-hat of a gamepad ?

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WinVICE : how to use the PoV-hat of a gamepad ?

Post by Antonio »

I aware that this is not a WinVICE-forum, but I was unable to find an answer elsewhere and the question is kind of BD-related, so maybe you guys will be so kind to help me anyway. :-)

I've installed WinVICE 2.2 to once again play some good old BD, but I've run into a little problem with my gamepad ; it only let my use the mini-joystick but not the PoV-hat, which I prefer.

I tried to select 'Keyset A' and then 'Config KeySet A', you know, WinVICE will then ask you to press the desired keys for 'south', etc, but in this mode, it will not react to the gamepad at all.

I really would like to use the PoV-hat, does anyone know to make it work in WinVICE ? (The gamepad is fully recognized by Windows (Vista), so everything should be ok, I guess).

The gamepad is a Thrustmaster Dual Trigger 3-in-1.
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