how to extract cave maps

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how to extract cave maps

Post by thcom »

hi, how is possible to extract cave maps from a bd game in d64 format

exist any tool or know how ?

i mean this map ... .%203.html

thank you
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Post by Arno »

There are basically two steps:

1. Convert your C64 game to a BDCFF file
Last time I did that using GDash. It has a tool called any2gdash.exe. For example, you can convert a WinVICE snapshot (.vsf) file using this tool and it will write the BDCFF (.bd) file.

2. Convert the BDCFF file to maps
This can be done using the BDCFF->Maps Converter (see my website). It generates the pictures of the maps and an HTML file showing each map with its cave properties.
Alternatively, it is possible to use GDash to write a HTML gallery of any loaded caveset.
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