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ZX-Spectrum Boulder Dash editor

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Hi guys,

I am on one of Boulder Dash games lovers.
I played this game many years ago in my childhood.
And still playing it from time to time.
Also, from time to time I am making this game on different languages just for fun.
Last thing I did was an online game editor. It allows you to build your own caves and levels, and finally export them as native snapshot ZX-Spectrum file (.SNA), so you can play it on ZX-Spectrum or any emulator.
Also, one of special feature of the editor: you are building caves using original approach by making lines of objects, rectangles of objects, and filled rectangles, because this is how caves are written in old 8-bit PC versions.

There are some cool features like:

- downloading png map of all caves
- saving and loading your progress
- embedded zx-spectrum online emulator allows to play your levels straight away
- caves size has some limitation so editor check if you exceed them and gives proper warnings

Next step will be updating editor to export Commodore game.

Here is link:

Please feel free to try and give feedback.
Thank you!

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